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We are creating a gig economy for social commerce that connects everyday creators with small businesses looking for brand-suitable content and results, not huge follower counts. We’re empowering creators with high-paying work opportunities suited to their skills. 

What We Do

Because brands need an all-in-one platform where they can leverage social audiences to drive sales without paying a fortune. And because creators need a destination where they can meet brands, smoothly create content, and earn a living without first going viral on TikTok.

Our Team

Mya Papolu

Founder & CEO

Mya Papolu founded Brandbass to empower small businesses to grow online with the help of their most passionate customers and to help avid shoppers create content that generates results for the brands they love.

Mya is a shopping addict herself, and she knows that marketing copy and text reviews pale in comparison to the selling power of a customer sharing a video of their experience with a product. She created Brandbass so that small businesses can capitalize on content and so that salespeople who love brands can earn a living selling on brands’ behalf.

Mya graduated with a BS in engineering from Carnegie Mellon and an MBA from NYU Stern. She consulted with Deloitte, worked as an in-house analyst at Chanel, and managed products at high-growth startups. Mya has seen first-hand the waste and fraud involved in the influencer economy and founded Brandbass to power a new gig economy for digital sales where everyday people come together with small businesses to help each other grow.

Vamsi Kiran Nagavarapu

Co-Founder & CTO

Vamsi Nagavarapu co-founded Brandbass and spearheads product development and technology for the company. His big-picture technical leadership is integral to Brandbass’ value proposition: using software to connect brands with creators and streamline the creation of digital content to drive sales.

Vamsi is a technology leader with extensive experience architecting products. He has strong technical, business, and program knowledge for building, operating, and integrating open-source solutions, SaaS, infrastructure, and in-house solutions. His expertise extends to BigData, DevOps, Product, Operations, and Cloud technologies. Vamsi got his BS in computer science from Raghu Engineering College and his MS in computer science from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis.

Vamsi prides himself on his intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for complex problems. In addition to being an entrepreneurial, ethical hacker, he’s a father, sport lover, and avid cricket fan.

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